Sole Mineral Supplement

Himalayan Crystal Salt SOLÉ (So-Lay), a brine therapy solution made from Himalayan Salt Crystals which contain over 84 trace minerals that match the human body's chemistry. Sole has been proven to balance pH levels, improve skin conditions and energy levels, reduce arthritis pain and alleviate leg cramps. Many report great improvement in symptoms of Acid Reflux and indigestion. SOLÉ is an important part of our Respiratory Combo Pkg. Read the Testimonials Page to see how SOLÉ has provided profound results for many patients with health challenges.Biophysically, the Sole restores and maintains the body's natural energetic frequency pattern for 24 hours.

Because of the Natural qualities of Himalayan Salt, many patients that suffer from High or Low Blood Pressure find that their BP normalizes after beginning to take SOLÉ. Himalayan salt has not been processed in any way and the human body is able to process it, unlike store-bought salt. Before trying this therapy, check with your doctor and monitor your BP closely.

See the Brochure page for making SOLÉ and more information on Bath Products